SmartCX contributes to the expansion of new business models

National company in the automotive sector, with more than 70 stores across the country and 900 accredited partners.

Realizing that the conversion rate was falling and customer satisfaction was not reaching the desired levels, even with some internal attempts at a solution, the company decided to look to us to support it in these CX challenges.

We started our successful partnership with the SmartVault application for capturing and structuring data, together with the consultative intelligence of our highly qualified professionals.

Thus, we carried out a complete assessment, where we identified several opportunities to improve processes and customization, which enabled us to propose new business models to further leverage the company’s results.

achieved with

15% increase in conversion of new sales

2p.p growth in the satisfaction indicator

Expansion to new business models, expanding market share by 10%

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SmartCX maximizes results and improves customer experience

Having a unique view of the customer journey was the main challenge faced by the company

Advisory Intelligence Transforming the Customer Experience

We performed an immersion in all interaction channels, processes

With integration of interaction channels, SmartCX provides increased revenue and more assertive journeys

We apply SmartConn to integrate interaction channels and redesign the entire digital journey of the consumer, generating greater fluidity and assertiveness